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17 Jan. (14 Jumada II)

Increase your ḥasanāt by giving generously in the blessed month of Ḏhūl-Ḥijjah


The first 10 Days of Ḏhūl-Ḥijjah begin most likely this coming Sunday ʾInšhāʾAllāh, so start planning and preparing yourselves from now…

“In less than a week the best and most loved days to Allah ‎ﷻ will be here…Sadly, so many people are still unaware that righteous deeds performed in the first 10 days of Ḏhūl-Ḥijjah are greater than those done even during the days of Ramaḍān!

Look at how much everyone prepares themselves for Ramadan?! Yet with these blessed days of Ḏhūl-Ḥijjah, so many Muslims reach Eid al-Adha and all they did during these days was prepare their deserts and clothes for Eid!

The Prophet ﷺ told us about these days:

“There are no days in which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these ten days.” (Bukhari)

Also: “There is no deed more precious in the sight of Allah, nor greater in reward, than a good deed done during the ten days of Sacrifice.” He ‎was asked, “Not even jihad for the sake of Allah?” He ‎ﷺ said, “Not even jihaad for the sake of Allah, except in the case of a man who went out to fight, giving himself and his wealth up for the cause, and came back with nothing.”
(al-Daarimi, 1/357; -hasan)

No wonder good deeds done in these days are like jihad for the Sake of Allah -the devils aren’t chained; the doors of Hellfire aren’t locked; there’s no atmosphere of worship around you to encourage to strive; nor are there very many lectures given in order to get you spiritually charged for these days, like there was for Ramaḍān.
So therefore whatever good deeds you’re able to do in these coming 10 days, is going to really all come down to your own ability to strive against your nafs (self), after the Help of Allah ʾInšhāʾAllāh…

Here are some suggested good deeds you should try to focus on doing during these days (besides going for Hajj and Umrah):

• Fasting the first 9 days especially the 9th, which is the day of Arafah

• Making a lot of extra dhikr especially saying the takbeerat: Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Laa ilaaha illaa Allah, Allahu Akbar wa lillaahil-Hamd

• Offering a sacrifice (Qurbani or Udhiyyah) on the 10th of Ḏhūl-Ḥijjah, which is the day of Eid

• Striving to fill these blessed days with as many good deeds as possible, whether reciting Qur’an, extra voluntary prayers, giving Sadaqah (charity), visiting sick Muslims, helping others, etc.

May Allah ‎ﷻ guide us and help us to do our utmost best in these days. Ameen”

اَلَّذِیۡنَ یُنۡفِقُوۡنَ اَمۡوَالَہُمۡ بِالَّیۡلِ وَ النَّہَارِ سِرًّا وَّ عَلَانِیَۃً فَلَہُمۡ اَجۡرُہُمۡ عِنۡدَ رَبِّہِمۡ ۚ وَ لَا خَوۡفٌ عَلَیۡہِمۡ وَ لَا ہُمۡ یَحۡزَنُوۡنَ

(Surat Al-Baqarah, ayah 274)

Those who spend their wealth night and day, secretly and openly, they have their reward with their Lord, and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve.

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